1Where is the boat pick-up and drop-off location?
Boat Launch Pickup/drop-off location is 4027 Lavergne Couchville Pike, Antioch, TN 37013
2What do we need to bring?
Government Issued ID (21+), Tip Money, and your Favorite Beverages, Towels
3How long is the tour?
Approximately 4 hours
4What Is the alcohol policy?
The boats are BYOB! No glass allowed!
5What is provided during our trip?
We provide cups, ice, coolers, music, floatable, and a Captain for all trips
6What is the age restrictions of the Boat?
No one under 21 years of age is allowed on any trip with alcohol present on broad. If anyone under the age of 21 is in your group no alcohol may be allowed on the boat. Meaning: We do allow under the age of 21 riders however, it must be a dry boat with no alcohol on broad.
7Should we tip the staff?
YES! Our teamworks for tips. They will make your experience the best. TIP them for a job well done. (Average is $10-20 per person)
8Where do we boat?
Our boating experience can take you and your group to Old Hickory Lake, Percy Priest Lake, Center Hill Lake, Tims Ford Lake and the Cumberland River. We prefer to use Percy Priest Lake for most of our tours.
9Do we play our own music?
Thats up to up! Your Captain will have your music covered so you can enjoy yourself if that is what you prefer. However, our systems are bluetooth. We have no problem with someone in your group connecting to our massive sound systems and playing your favorite tunes. Thats totally up to you!
10Do we provide our own beverages?
Yes! Everyone 21 & up can supply their own alcoholic beverages. State ordinance rules: * NOTHING over 8% alcohol content * NO LIQUOR * NO GLASS BOTTLES
11Will my group be on board with other groups?
If you do not book a private tour, your tour will be shared with other groups.
12What are your Hours of Operation?
13Can we drop off our alcohol before our tour?
Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to have any alcohol or supplies dropped off before the tour.
14Can we sign waivers before the tour?
We require waivers to be signed before the tour begins. You can do this by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by clicking "waiver" in your confirmation email. If the waivers are not signed before the tour start time we will have to wait until they are signed before starting and this will cut into your tour time. Please either sign the waivers online or arrive 20 minutes early. We do not accept paper copies.
15How is a company/corporate party gratuity paid? I don't want my customers/employees to have to pay.
Reach out to us directly! We will add Gratuity for corporate/company events to the card on file. 615-212-8869
16Do you check ID's?
Absolutely, twice actually. We require a government issues ID. That can be a driver's license or passport. We DO NOT accept college ID's or any other form not government issued. Fake ID's will be turned over to the Metro Police Department, they love to see how bad they are!
17Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Yes, advance purchase of tickets is required. We suggest booking well in advance to secure your preferred day and time. Tickets can be purchased online.
18How will we know if a tour is cancelled?
We will always contact you and let you know if your tour is cancelled (which rarely happens) as soon as we possibly can. It will be by email, phone or text. We know you all have your days planned out so we try to give as much notice as we can but sometimes mother nature just doesn't cooperate. Please do not call about your tour being cancelled as this only delays us notifying the customers in a timely manner. If you haven't heard from us via email, phone or text assume your tour is still on.
19Can we pick up more people?
No, unfortunately we can't allow this because they become a safety issue to our customers and our insurance.
20Can we decorate the boat?
Yes! For private cruises, you are welcome to bring props or small party supplies. All decorations must be removed by customer after tour is completed. Decorations cannot be installed with permanent adhesives, screws, nails, hooks or any method that would cause permanent damage to the boats. Please reach out and get approval for any large items.
21Can we bring our own floats?
Yes! Groups may bring their own floaties if they like. All items must be removed by customer after tour is completed. Please reach out and get approval for any larger items that require additional space or assembly.
22Do we need to book in advance?
Yes! We highly recommend booking in advance regardless of group size. Our weekend dates typically sell out 2-3 months in advance. We can occasionally accept day-of bookings if there is availability and scheduled staff.
23Are there restrooms?
Pontoon boats are not typically equipped with restrooms, and those that do are of the port-o-potty variety. To keep our customers experience funk-free we do not have restrooms onboard. However, there are restrooms available at the dock for use prior to boarding and after arrival back at the dock. Time will be given before and after the cruise to visit the restrooms. If there is an emergency need for a restroom facility the boat can be docked at the nearby floating restaurant/gas station for guest(s) to use the restroom.
24What are TN liquor laws?
We highly recommend you purchase any liquor a day or two prior if you have booked a cruise and intend to consume alcohol. Beer may be purchased at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations on Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. until midnight, and on Sunday from noon until midnight. Wine and liquor may be purchased at liquor and grocery stores Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Liquor stores are closed on Sundays and wine sales in grocery stores are prohibited on Sundays.
25Do we have to sign a waiver?
Yes! A mandatory waiver must be filled out by each passenger prior to boarding. This is an online waiver only, no hard copies may be submitted. The waiver will be provided to you and your passengers upon booking.
26Can we bring our own food and drinks?
Yes! It’s BYOB baby! You may bring beer, wine, or liquor. NO GLASS ALLOWED ONBOARD. ALL alcoholic beverages must be in cans or plastic container . Coolers, cups and ice are provided! We do not have a TN liquor license and therefore are not permitted to sell alcohol, so you are welcome to bring your favorite beverages of choice. You may also bring snacks/lunch that is already prepared or packaged.
27What should we bring onboard?
BYOB! We allow beer, wine, liquor, champagne, and food of your choice. Please only bring beer cans, NO GLASS beer bottles. We also recommend bringing any mixers you may need. We have plenty of ice and cups for everyone. • Sunscreen, towels, and a good camera are always a must! • Please bring your ID for cruises as you must be 21 to drink and IDs are required to board the boat. • If you prefer your own tunes, bring your phone or other device with your playlist ready to go! ( Keep in mind that phone service on the water varies by carrier, so have the music downloaded to the device to ensure it plays (Apple music/ Spotify download/ etc.) DO NOT BRING: WEAPONS, GLASS BEER BOTTLES, AND/OR DRUGS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THESE POLICIES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED. IF CAUGHT WITH DRUGS OR WEAPONS ONBOARD, WE WILL IMMEDIATELY RE-DOCK TO REMOVE PASSENGERS INVOLVED IN SUCH ACTIVITIES WITH NO REFUND PROVIDED FOR THOSE INVOLVED.
28How long is the cruise?
Private Cruises during the day are 4 hours long, but have an option to add an additional hours depending on availability. Contact us for pricing. Pick up time is approximately 30-45min before the scheduled cruise, so please consider the additional travel time when making your itinerary for the day.
29Should we tip our Captain?
Our staff work very hard to ensure a safe and fun cruise for everyone so please show your appreciation by tipping! Cash, venmo/cash app, credit card/Square transactions are accepted.
30Is shuttle service included?
LShuttle service is included for any pickup location within a 15-mile radius of downtown Nashville. If your pickup location is outside the 15-mile radius, please contact us to see if we can still offer pickup at an additional charge.
31What is the cancellation/refund policy?
WEATHER POLICY: We are a rain or shine cruise (if the rain is light or small, short showers are expected). If High Tide Rides cancels the excursion before embarkation, due to severe weather or other factors out of our control, we do provide a full refund. If the excursion has to be stopped early due to severe weather, High Tide Rides will provide a partial refund based on the time already expired on the outing. We have a Logistics Manager dedicated to watching weather conditions with access to multiple radar forecasts that can be specific to Percy Priest Lake. If the weather is questionable, the Manager will be monitoring the situation the days leading up to the cruise and you will be notified ASAP. We do not allow customers to cancel based on the upcoming forecasts, as weather changes constantly and general forecasts are not as accurate as the radar systems we use to monitor the weather. High Tide Rides reserves the right to cancel any tour based on potential or forecasted weather conditions or other factors. STANDARD CANCELLATION POLICY: If your party cancels the excursion after your booking is made, High Tide Rides will retain 50% of the deposit amount and you will be issued a refund for the remaining 50%. You may alternatively request an online voucher code for the full amount of the deposit to use for a future cruise instead of receiving a refund. If your party cancels the excursion within 14 days from your reservation date/time, High Tide Rides retains the full deposit amount. You are not responsible for the balance amount of the tour. You can also request a voucher/credit for the deposit amount to use towards a future cruise instead of a refund. If your group cancels within 48 hours or less prior to the excursion, or is a no-show, you will be responsible for the full amount of the booking. The deposit will be retained and the card on file will be billed for any remaining balance. Staying on schedule with respect for other groups is vital. Please plan ahead and be on time! ** Do not assume your cruise is canceled! You receive a notification email and/or a text or call from us if the tour is canceled. Contact us with questions / concerns. DOUBLE BOAT BOOKINGS: If your group reserves a second boat and the number of people in your party drops to 12 participants or less, please notify us promptly so that the additional boat can be canceled and High Tide Rides can offer the newly available opening to other customers. If your party cancels the 2nd boat booking after you have made the reservation, you will receive a refund for 50% of your deposit. If the additional boat reservation is canceled after 14 days prior to the date of the tour, the deposit will be retained. After the 14 day period, an additional $250 fee will incur. The above statement applies only to multi-boat bookings. *Cancellation Policy updated 2/3/2021
32Can I Bring my Dog or Pet?
We love our furry friends just as much as the next person, but unfortunately, you have to leave Fido at home. Due to the nature of our activity and the fact that other groups will be using the boat and shuttle that day, we do not want to risk an allergic reaction or a pet hair mess. We do make exceptions for Certified Service Pets. Please notify us in advance and provide us with the needed information if a service pet will be onboard.
33Can I book the day of?
Although online booking will not be allowed day of you can call or email to inquire about day of options, or possibly be put on a wait list.
34How far in advance do I need to book?
Nashville is in high demand, the sooner the better because dates and times will disappear fast!
35Who drives?
We provide a Captain and a Host/Hostess to navigate the lake and cater to your needs
We have foam flotation products available for use as well as a group “Aqua Lilly Pad”.
37Coolers and Ice?
We provide Cups, Coolers, and plenty of ice on the boats. So no need try to lug your own around town?
38Is there Music?
We provide a high-end stereo system with great playlists of music.
39Can I change my reservation after I book?
Depending on availability, we are happy to help if we can. Due to demand anything within 2 weeks of reservation we will most likely not be able to accommodate changes.
40Is the 4 hours all on the boat, or does that include check in and shuttle?
You will be on the actual lake for a full 3 hours, with check-in and shuttle service you can plan your overall time with us to be 4-5 total hours.
41How long can we book the boat for?
Each reservation is a 3-hour venture. This does not include the check-in and transport process. Please plan to arrive at our check-in location 60 minutes prior to tour start time. Plan not to be back to downtown until about 45 mins after the tour ends. If you are late to check in we will NOT be able to extend your reservation times. Each tour is run on a strict schedule and cannot be extended. If you are interested in something different than our 3-hour trips, please call or email to discuss possible custom length reservations.
42Sample question
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43shuttle service?
We provide a FREE shuttle service that runs on a schedule from our central downtown location to the lake and back.
44If we drive, where should we park?
There are many parking options on the block where you will be checking in. At the bottom of the block is a paid parking lot at the Pedal Tavern office. Or there is another paid lot up the block near the bars, or across the street under the condo buildings, there is also garage parking available
45What if I'm late, or even miss my cruise?
Any groups that are late, time lost will come out of their reservation. Any groups more than 15 mins late to the check-in location will also lose the ability to use our free shuttle service and will need to supply their own transportation to the Lake. No refunds are given for no-shows. If you have any concerns prior to your reservation please contact us so we can try to resolve to avoid this.
46Can the shuttle drop us off somewhere other than back at the check in location after?
We have a tight schedule and even re-routing a few blocks in Nashville can take a half hour. So to keep our schedule on time we can only promise pick up and drop off at our assigned spots. If we accommodate the day of we will do everything we can, but cannot affect other tours timing.
47What if weather is bad?
We have a blast in the sun or the shade (clouds and drizzle) But we take any dangerous weather serious. Always plan for your reservation to go out until you are notified by us. Do not assume it will be canceled until we make the call. We have the proper weather equipment to monitor safety and will notify you if we need to change your reservation in any way due to weather.
48Can I bring alcohol, how about a Glass bottle?
Bring your own beverages. You can bring water, soda, beer, wine etc., but absolutely NO GLASS will be allowed onto the boat. We will provide plenty of cooler room, cups, and Ice.
49Can we bring cameras, purses, bags etc?
Yes! We have storage for your items. We do not take responsibility for items getting wet or damaged so please take precautions. Waterproof bags available for purchase at check in along with other boating items, beach towels (purchase or rental), sunglasses, sunscreen, water, etc.
50Do I have to wear a lifejacket?
You will be asked to sign a life jacket release. You may choose to wear a life jacket or not. Adult vests are available at all times. If a child 12 years or younger is on-board they must wear a youth life vest when swimming or boat is in motion, by law. We do not provide youth Life jackets.
51What clothing do you recommend?
Sunscreen! Towels! (don't worry, we rent and sell beach towels if you don't want to bring one!) Swimwear (please be appropriate and respectful with clothing) simple snacks or beverages of choice. absolutely NO GLASS allowed! Bottled water (Water and Gatorade available for purchase at downtown check in location) Can Koozies, Towels, drinkware, and plenty of trendy swag available for purchase at our downtown check-in location.
52Where do we go on the boat?
We have our few secret spots 😉 but we will also feel the group out and determine what you want out of the cruise. Some just want a quiet swimming hole, we have a great secret spot! Some might want to be where the action is. Some might want to troll the shores and enjoy the scenery, sounds good!
53How many fit on the boat?
Our Pontoons will accommodate groups up to 12 on each boat. Each booking is a private reservation for the entire boat, so there is no minimum required to book.
54What if my group is larger than 12?
Great! Multiple boat reservations are available based on availability.
55Is this a family friendly experience?
YES! Please be mindful that children must have their own life vests by law and we do not provide infant or child vests. In addition to providing your own child life jacket, anyone 12 years old or under must wear a life jacket while the boat is in motion or while swimming per Tennessee state law.